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555 #be.au.ty

Then you should know that we are not just another hair care and skin care brand! It is not just about how your hair or skin look- it’s about how you feel, how your senses respond to our captivating smells, and how alive YOU feel. 555 #be.au.ty is not just another line of products- it is an INTERACTION, an EXPERIENCE, it’s YOU. Thus, we are NOT just another number in the field of Beauty Products.

555 #be.au.ty is a young, modern, tech savvy brand built around five key pillars-MARKET DEMAND, AFFORDABILITY, INSTANT RESULTS, TRANSPARENCY, and SAFETY.

We strive to deliver what the market demand, by remaining constantly apprised of shifting market and consumer demands. Our products are developed taking into account the fact that people have varying priorities in thriving dynamic world and strive to have the best of both worldspricing and quality. Our reliability stems from delivering consistent quality recognized by global and international standards which deem our products safe to be used whether on hair or skin. Transparency is at our very core, whether to our stakeholders, consumers, or the environment. Our transparency is even reflected in the packaging itself- you can see what you buy!

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