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The production process is always subject to periodical checking to ensure conformity with international amendments. All revisions are based on the ingredients, measurements, quality control & manufacturing procedure. All those revisions are field after approval technical department each by batch, which also shows on package and container.


This is an essential part of the company’s attention, where sterilization of empty containers, proper sealing and packing is reviewed thoroughly to ensure quality standards

Quality Control

This system ensures that all international standards have been applied from start of production till we receive the final product. Samples are arbitrarily chosen from production units for testing and ensuring compliance with GMP standards. This also requires that ingredients components are tested before, during and after the production process. The Quality Control System also includes checking the sterilization and sanitization of the production facility, Machinery, Mixers, and Empty Containers till it is properly sealed, as per standards. It also includes the final package weight as labeled. All Quality Control documentation are kept for three years from the date of each batch production date, showing the data of incoming raw material to the date of finished ready to use product.

Production & Quality Control System is qualified by different local and International boards including:
  • Ministry of Health-UAE
  • Ministry of Industry-UAE
  • INTERTEK France-for European Union
  • Saudi Arabia Standards Organization (SASO)

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